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Eric Stephens Injury: Stephens Suffers Left Leg Injury, Taken To Locker Room On Cart

The Texas Tech Red Raiders drove down the field and scored a touchdown to get cut the score 38-30, but on the drive Texas Tech lost running back Eric Stephens to an apparent knee injury. The injury occurred on a first-and-goal passing play where Stephens ran out to the flat and was the intended target on pass, but as he was in process of catching the ball and turn up field, Stephens dropped the ball. 

Stephens stumbled when trying to catch the ball and was then hit in the left knee by Texas A&M linebacker Damontre Moore, who was attempting to tackle Stephens. Moore tackled Stephens low and got his left knee. Stephens' leg bent one way when Stephens body went the other way. Stephens let out a scream that was clearly audible when he was hit.

The training staff attended to Stephens on the field for almost 10 minutes and was not able to get up on his own power so he had to be carried by the training staff off the field and placed onto a cart to be assessed in the locker room. Stephens appeared to have an air cast or brace on his left leg when he was placed on the cart.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.