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Texas A&M Vs. Kansas State: Aggies Fall To Wildcats After Four Overtimes, 53-50

The Texas A&M Aggies had leads of 14-0 and 31-21 in this game against the Kansas St. Wildcats, but Texas A&M could not pull of the win and ultimately lost after four overtimes. The 31-21 lead Texas A&M had was with over six minutes left but the Texas A&M secondary allowed Collin Klein to complete a 27-yard pass and a 53-yard pass which resulted in a touchdown.

Up three and with the ball, Texas A&M went three-and-out and along the way decided to not run down the clock as they threw the ball on second and third downs. That extra time allowed Kansas State to drive down the field and tie the game and send it to overtime. With running back Cyrus Gray having a career day and ending up with 221 yards it is odd that Texas A&M elected to throw the ball instead of running the ball and running off some time.

In the first overtime period Kansas State fumbled the ball in the endzone but it was recovered for a touchdown. The two team exchanged point until the fourth overtime where Texas A&M settled for a field goal and allowed Kansas State to score a touchdown. Which of course came by way of a Collin Klein 1-yard touchdown run.

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