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McClain: Texans Not Interested In Orton

It appears that the Texans are pleased with Matt Leinart if Matt Schaub does need surgery. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle stated this afternoon that the Texans are not interested in Kyle Orton, who was waived by the Denver Broncos this afternoon in favor of Tim Tebow:

John McClain McClain_on_NFL John McClain Texans aren't interested in Orton. if Schaub learns Wednesday he needs surgery, they'll sign one of vets they brought in for tryouts Monday.

McClain later stated that the Texans would start any signed veteran off on the third team and would be behind Leinart and rookie T.J Yates. Leinart has not attempted a pass in the NFL since he was with the Arizona Cardinals in 2009, but he did play briefly in a game earlier this season for Houston. Leinart has 3,893 yards passing and 14 touchdowns, but 20 interceptions in his career. Only three of his touchdown passes have come after his rookie year in 2006.

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