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Rockets To Send More Players To Hornets In Three-Way Trade

The three-way trade between the Rockets, Hornets and Lakers which is centered around Chris Paul has been resubmitted for league approval with some tweaks. The NBA-owned Hornets were wanting more players in the deal to make sure the Hornets received fair value for Paul.

The details of the new trade are not known, but Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Rockets are sending more players to the Hornets. In the original deal the Rockets were sending Luis Scola, Kevin Martin and an undisclosed number of 2012 draft picks to the Hornets.

The Rockets held out both Martin and Scola today due to the ongoing trade and neither player is happy with the situation:

"Hopefully, the trade goes through," Martin said. "I feel like I'm still locked out. I just want to play basketball. (The Hornets) made it clear what they want. Hopefully, it gets done because we are ready to play some ball."


"The worst of all this is that I'm can't do my job," Scola wrote. "After five months locked out I was crazy to go back to work, and this happened. Bad timing."

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