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Wade Phillips 'Stable' After Surgery On His Kidney, Gallbladder

The Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips underwent surgery for his kidney and gallbladder on Thursday and the team released a statement that Phillips is in stable condition:

"Wade Phillips has completed the surgery on his kidney and gallbladder. He is in stable condition. In order to respect his privacy, the family has requested there be no further information given at this time."

Phillips is going to miss this Sunday's game against the Panthers and if things go well he will be able to return on Jan. 1 to coach against the Titans. During Phillips absence the Texans will have linebackers coach Reggie Herring taking over the defensive duties. Herring has been coaching with Phillips for the past four years, and he feels confident in his interim roll:

"I'm not Wade Phillips, but it's Wade Phillips' system, his defense. It's our calls. It's what the players know. We have confidence. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to execution and consistency. I feel very confident about this."


"The only thing that changes is the actual defense call is going to come out of my mouth to the player. It's a process. Every situation, every personnel group, every formation, every call has a rhyme and a reason for it."


We've practiced it (game plan), and it's a formality on game day," Herring said. "It's a matter of what are they going to do?"

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