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NBA Free Agents 2011: Chuck Hayes Prefers To Stay In Houston, According To His Agent

Free agent center Chuck Hayes is wanted by many teams for his services, but the veteran has been with the Houston Rockets during his six-year NBA career. According to Hayes' agent, Calvin Andrews, the big man wants to continue his career with the Rockets:

"I think the Rockets are the priority. I think it comes down to what makes sense economically, what makes sense basketball wise to him. He just wants to make sure he gets the right situation, whether it is quicker or longer. I don't have a package from the Rockets, yet."

Hayes agent says that there are offeres from the Minnesota Timberwolves, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings and Toronto Raptors. Houston did make an offer to Hayes back in June that was worth $2.5 million per season, but at the time the deal was declined. Offers from other teams are currently exceeding that amount that was offered in June.

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