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NBA Trade Rumors: Do The Rockets Have A Shot At Landing Carmelo Anthony?

If you've been following the NBA, or just watching sports related television, or even if you just signed on to the Internet recently, then you heard the big news about Carmelo Anthony. The Denver Nuggets' forward has refused to sign an extension with the club, and is the constant object of trade rumors and speculation.

Because he will be a free agent this Summer, the market for Anthony is considerably smaller than it would be if he had a number of years remaining on his deal. Realistically, only teams that have the chance to sign him to an extension this Summer, or even as he is traded there, will be trying to pursue him. It will just be far too much of price to pay for a less than half season rental of Carmelo Anthony.

So this thread will be devoted to everything that can be found on the Internet with a google query of "Carmelo Anthony + Houston Rockets." Because there are so many sources that have access to these types of negotiations, you never who is going to break the story first. So we'll just have to cover every angle to make sure we get the biggest news when it first breaks. Keep checking back for the latest news and developments.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.