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What's On Television Today: February 11th, 2011

What to watch while you're wondering briefly if 2/11/11 is worth writing something about, then scrapping the idea quickly...

Prairie View A&M Tigers @ Grambling St. Tigers -- 8 PM, ESPNU -- Well, I mean, I guess it should be close.

Los Angeles Lakers @ New York Knicks -- 7 PM, ESPN -- For all the talk about the Knicks turnaround, they're only a conference switch away from still not mattering.
Phoenix Suns @ Utah Jazz -- 9:30 PM, ESPN -- Now that the Jazz have been released from their ruthless coach, perhaps they can try to play defense like normal human beings.

Detroit Red Wings @ Boston Bruins -- 6 PM, NHL Network -- Hopefully this will be a reprisal of that Canadiens-Bruins game which wound up penalizing 11 players, 38 fans, and an overzealous security guard.
Chicago Blackhawks @ Dallas Stars -- 7:30 PM, Fox Sports SW -- That Stanley Cup trophy is barely being defended at all right now. Someone should really just snatch it.

NCAA Basketball
Jacksonville Jaguars @ East Tennessee St. Buccaneers -- 6 PM, -- I'm really surprised they're allowed to be called the Jaguars.
Siena Saints @ Iona Gaels -- 6 PM, ESPNU -- Blowouts can be fun too, I guess.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.