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Dragic Kingdom: Rockets Send Aaron Brooks To Phoenix For Goran And First Round Pick

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According to Arizona Republic reporter and Suns beat writer Paul Coro, the Rockets and Suns completed a trade at the deadline which will send PG Aaron Brooks to the Suns for a package that is "likely" PG Goran Dragic and a first round pick. Yahoo! Sports reporter Marc Spears is now confirming the swap. 

Brooks had fallen out of favor with the Rockets after losing his starting job to Kyle Lowry. He was suspended for a game earlier this month when he left the court during the fourth quarter after being substituted for. Brooks was always more of a combo guard than a pure point guard, but under the Suns tempo, he should fit in a lot like Leandro Barbosa used to for them. Casual fans remember Brooks best for his torching of the Lakers in the 2008-2009 Western Conference Semifinals before the Rockets eventually succumbed in seven games to the would-be champions.

Dragic, 24, showed up on the big stage in much the same way, making a name for himself in the Western Conference Playoffs last season against the Spurs and Suns. Dragic was also having somewhat of a lost season for the Suns, as he is shooting just 42% from the floor and under 30% on three-pointers. The Rockets will be counting on a return to form for Dragic while pocketing a first round pick for their troubles. 

Dragic has a team option for next season, whereas Brooks will be an unrestricted free agent after the year is over. Regardless of whether you think Brooks or Dragic is the better player, I think it's clear the Rockets win this trade on value. It's a pure challenge trade for the Suns, who are under pressure from their ownership to make the playoffs this season. 

No word yet on when the pick is or what protections are involved with it. As always, we'll update as details become available.

EDIT: Per Jonathan Feigen, here is some news on the draft pick: 

The pick from Phoenix is lottery protected. If the Suns make the playoffs, the Rockets would get the pick the Suns acquired from the Orlando Magic.

No word yet on what happens if the pick rolls over and the Suns miss the playoffs.

EDIT 2: Here is a much better explanation on the draft pick from The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro: 

Phoenix sends Dragic, who has struggled this season, and their June draft pick unless the Suns miss the playoffs. If that becomes a lottery pick, Houston will get the Orlando first-round pick that the Suns received in the December six-player trade.

So there you have it: you want to be rooting for the Suns to make the playoffs so the Rockets will get a higher non-lottery pick.

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