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Aaron Brooks Suspension: Rockets Will Reportedly Try To Trade Brooks Before The Deadline

The Rockets may have hit a roadblock in their relationship with Aaron Brooks. Brooks walked off the court on Saturday, which earned him a one game suspension from the team. Now, Alan Hahn of is reporting that the Rockets will attempt to move Brooks before the trade deadline later this month.

A source with knowledge of the situation said the Rockets "are going to try hard" to move Brooks before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. A separate source confirmed that the Knicks are interested.

He says the Knicks would be a natural fit for Brooks because they have been looking for a back up point guard since the season started. But I'm not sure that he would be a good fit there because he was unhappy with a back up role in Houston, so I don't know why he would accept that role with the Knicks. Behind a player in Raymond Felton who would likely play more minutes ahead of him than Kyle Lowry currently does.

The other issue is if the Knicks have enough assets to give one to the Rockets and still maintain enough talent to trade for Carmelo Anthony, which I'm sure is their first priority over getting a back up point guard.

Brooks would be a good fit in the D'Antoni offense, but I'm not sure he would be any more willing to accept a minor role with the Knicks than he currently is with the Rockets. Maybe he'll be able to play a little off the ball like Eddie House did during his time with the Suns, but I'm just not sure they have the talent to entice Daryl Morey. Their relationship has hit a rocky point, but I don't think the Rockets want to just give him away for free.

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