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Aaron Brooks Apologizes For Leaving The Court Early On Saturday

Aaron Brooks returned from his one game suspension last night against the Timberwolves. He wasn't particularly effective in his brief stint on the floor, but that wasn't what we were paying attention to. I think everyone was waiting to see what Brooks was going to say when reporters put a mic in front of his face after the contest.

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, Brooks said all the right things.

"Emotions got the best of me," Brooks said. "It was an embarrassing moment for myself. I wish I wouldn't have done it. That's not the type of guy I am. I love this team. I just want to send apologies to everyone, to Mr. (Leslie) Alexander, to the GM, to coaches and especially to the team because I let them down. It was just a big mistake. That's not me. That's not part of my character. And it won't happen again.

"I don't just say stuff just to say it. I'm genuinely sorry. Hopefully my play and my hustle will show I'm genuinely sorry and I'm here for the team."

That's a start. But even if Brooks made it a point to mention that he will come through on these words, they have to be taken at face value until we see him change. And for his sake, I hope he does. He isn't helping his value as a free agent after the season with his actions. And buying into the team Concepcion is the best way to earn playing time, and a few more bucks on his next contract; wherever that might be.

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