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NCAA Basketball Bracket 2011: Grab SB Nation's Printable Bracket

Fewer things are more fun than grabbing your office buddies, sneaking off for an early lunch, and then filling out this year's NCAA Tournament brackets. Oh sure, Deb from accounting is totally going to win once your Richmond-to-the-Final-Four idea doesn't pan out, but the money isn't the important thing. It's the camaraderie of beating people who actually dare to not pick completely by the seeding line. Also, bragging rights and maybe your friend's favorite stapler. And the money. If betting it over college basketball games were legal.


So instead of messing around with those fancy store-bought brackets, or the ones you can find on CBS with all that advertising plastered all over them, why not help out your old friend Gil and download ones with only the SB Nation logo on them? In the event that your bracket stinks, the SB Nation logo has been known to produce just the right amount of ink weight to make a killer paper airplane.


So head on over to SB Nation and snag their printable bracket. What else were you going to do today? Fill out an N.I.T. Bracket? Well, they have one of those too! Hurry up, I'll watch your lunch.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.