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NCAA Basketball Bracket 2011: Grab SB Nation's Updated Printable Bracket

Are you one of those perfectionists who hate wasting pen ink crossing out the names of certain losing teams? Just want to see Texas-San Antonio get a full name on the bracket? Happy fan of one of the schools snubbed for UAB just to watch them humiliate themselves? Well, why waste time remembering they were in the tournament at all? As the second day starts, you can upgrade to a NCAA Basketball Bracket that has those four losing teams tossed out. Just click here to get SB Nation's updated bracket, with four less teams and much less confusion!

Or hey, you can also download it if you haven't made picks yet, or were waiting for the last second. If you were waiting for the last second though, you're probably not gonna win the pool. Sorry, you overthought things. Now if you just flat-out forgot, then you'll win the pool. Don't forget to pick Illinois to the Sweet Sixteen because they play in Champaign and you like champagne!


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.