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NCAA Brackets: How Can Florida Stop Jimmer Fredette?

Florida has a long and battle-tested squad, they have more size than BYU, should be able to push them around inside, and would seem to have the advantage athletically on the Cougars. BYU has an answer though: it's name is Jimmer Fredette. The highest volume scorer in the country who launches 35 foot three-pointers like they're going out of style. 

Below, some highlights of what Jimmer did against Gonzaga last Saturday and what BYU might do differently if they hope to stop him.

What really stands out on the video here is how few of Fredette's shots come off screens and how many of them come out of transition. His range and ability to drive make him a matchup problem in just about any set, and there are some shots, like at 1:14 in the video, where all you can do is shake your head and move on.

How would you stop Jimmer? Well, I think the first thing teams have to do is try to trap him on the fast break. I know it's incredibly risky, but given how much of BYU's offense is purely Fredette compared to the other players on the team, I'd let them try to beat me. It's very instinctual to play back on your heels, but with Fredette's range, you don't really have that luxury as a defender. You need to be right in his face from the second he gets past the halfcourt stripe. 

Every screen that BYU sets for Fredette needs to be gone under, because any daylight for him is dangerous. Finally, Florida might consider putting a taller player on Fredette and having a quicker one in reserve in case the longer player gets shaken. Unfortunately for Florida, I'm not sure they have the kind of defender on the roster you'd need to challenge him: Chandler Parsons would be my first try. 

Ultimately though, it looks like only Jimmer can beat Jimmer. At least on the tape. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.