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NFL Lockout News: NFL And Player's Union Have 'Better Than Expected' Meeting On Wednesday

The labor negotiations between the NFL and the player's union haven't always been productive. In fact, most of the time the two sides leave the table without having accomplished very much at all. But on Wednesday, with just voer 24 hours to go until the CBA expires, the two sides seems to have made some progress. According to reports, a meeting between the two sides went "better than expected."

That said, Don Banks of tweeted that a source tells him Wednesday's meeting between the NFL and NFLPA -- which included several owners and active players -- went "better than expected". Unfortunately for fans who want football, this could just as easily mean, 'We were 100 miles apart and now we're just 99 miles apart.'

We don't know how much progress they made (especially considering that last line) but progress is progress. Even if the two sides don't come to an agreement by midnight tonight. They still have until September to make something happen before the NFL is forced to cancel any games.

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