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NFL Lockout News: Extension Of Talks Now A 'Definite Possibility'

The deadline for the NFL and the player's union to come to an agreement about a new collective bargaining agreement. That is, unless the two sides decide to extend the window that they have to reach an agreement. In the past, that hasn't seemed like very much of a legitimate possibility. But now things are changing.

This is getting more interesting than most thought. Three sources: Extension of talks now a definite possibility.less than a minute ago via web

The real importance of this development comes when you read between the lines. There would be no reason for the two sides to extend the window that they have to negotiate unless they have reason to believe that they could reach an agreement in the new timeframe. Otherwise, there would be no reason for them to go through all the trouble of extending the time period. This is all speculation on my part, mind you, but it wouldn't make any sense for the two sides to go through all of that just to put on a show for the fans and the media. If the timeframe is extended, it makes a a new deal much more likely, in my opinion.

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