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Great News On The NFL Labor Front: CBA Extended Seven More Days For Negotiations To Continue

What once seemed like an almost certainly now looks like it may be avoided. The dreaded 2011 NFL Lockout was avoided again on Friday as the NFL and the Players Association agreed to extend the Collective Bargaining Agreement for another full week. Adam Schefter confirmed the highly encouraging news not too long ago on Twitter.

It appears that the owners are finally getting serious about negotiating in good faith with the players following Tuesday’s ruling by a U.S. District Judge regarding the league’s contracts with television networks — arrangements that would have allowed them to get paid in 2011 even if there were no games played.

There is surely plenty of work left to be done by both sides when negotiations resume next Monday, but incredibly, all signs seemingly point to a new labor deal being reached and a lockout avoided.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.