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SB Nation Houston Is Hiring!

Looking to expand your writing audience? Want to call yourself a paid writer? Hate those jobs that require you to wear pants? You can do all these things and more as you scribble yourself into (relative) famousness here at SB Nation Houston.

As you may have noticed last weekend with our addition of Chris Watkins at Weekend Editor, we're looking to expand some areas of our coverage and strengthen others. There are two basic levels of positions we keep around here: staff writer and columnist. Staff writers are asked to present about 4-5 total pieces a week, perhaps more if a big event is ongoing. Columnists only need to post a weekly feature. We're looking for people to fill the following positions right now:

Houston Rockets (Staff Writer) (Columnist)
Rice Owls (Staff Writer)
Texas Longhorns (Staff Writer)
Texas A&M Aggies (Staff Writer)

More information behind the jump.

This is probably much more of an opportunity for a younger writer than an established one. The main benefit is simply air-time: we're coordinated with Google News, we average around 3500-4500 views a day, and we'd prefer people who aren't stretched for time. We're not going to be able to pay you right off the bat, you'll probably serve around two months of duty as a volunteer writer while I get familiar with your work and what I can expect from you. If I deem you fit to work here as a staff writer, I'll offer you enough money to take your favorite two friends to a moderately priced restaurant once a month. Hey, the important thing is you get to say you're paid, right?

I'm open to taking other pitches as well. If you feel like you can contribute something to the site that isn't already in place, then by all means you are welcome to convince me. For instance, if you're a die-hard Aeros fan or you want to blog about high school sports, I'm listening. I'm not going to promise to respond to every e-mail I get, because I don't know how much volume we'll be getting, but I'll do my best to respond to everyone who makes an effort.

Send your application to rivers (dot) mccown (at) gmail (dot) com. Your subject headline should be: "SB Nation Houston Application" and you should include at least three writing samples along with a few words on what kind of pieces you prefer to write and what you think you bring to the table. You can send a resume if you'd like as well, but that's not a requirement. The two most important qualities you need to be on staff here are consistency and a great writing voice, although a little writing experience wouldn't hurt either.

Happy e-mailing!

ETA: We will be accepting e-mails through Friday. Do not expect a response before then.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.