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Butler Vs. UConn: Oddsmakers Favor Huskies

The NCAA Championship game will take place at Reliant Stadium tonight, and if the oddsmakers are correct, it looks like Connecticut will make up for it's failures in the Women's NCAA Tournament by taking home the Men's championship. According to, the Huskies are 3.5 point favorites over Butler for tonight's game. The Pomeroy Ratings have them as 4 point favorites, which may indicate that Butler has been getting plenty of action.

It would be hard for Connecticut to do much worse than they did against Kentucky offensively, where they shot just 1-of-12 on three-pointers. Kemba Walker was limited to just 18 points as well, as the Huskies bigs bailed them out against the Wildcats. Butler didn't shoot particularly well either on Saturday, making just 35% from the field and pulling away from VCU only with free throws and offensive rebounding.


It's likely that both teams will play better tonight, but the odds make a lot of sense either way: it's hard to put it on the Butler defenders to shut down Kemba Walker like Kentucky did. 

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