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Astros Rumors: Wandy Rodriguez Potentially To Be On Deadline Block According To Anonymous Executive

The Astros are off to a 0-4 start, and that coupled with preseason predictions of doom and gloom has already got some executives thinking about a Houston fire sale. With the lack of available arms on the market this season, one name that could make sense for other teams, according to ESPN's Jayson Stark, is Astros LHP Wandy Rodriguez.

• Two early names the same exec nominates as potential pitching targets, just based on the probabilities their teams will be selling by July: Wandy Rodriguez and Mike Pelfrey.

Of course, this ignores a few facets of reality. One of which is that the Astros just signed Rodriguez to a long-term extension before the season. Even if Houston did change course and want to trade him, they've effectively lowered his trade value by attaching him to the 3 year/$34 million contract. Then there's the fact that Rodriguez got off to a terrible start last season and didn't look good in his first start of this year either, so if that continues, his trade value will only further erode.

It's an idea with a decent amount of sentiment behind it: the Astros probably should be looking to trade Rodriguez given where their club is positioned. But they have been bucking conventional wisdom for quite awhile now, and it's pretty unlikely that they'd give Rodriguez a new contract just to trade him five months later.

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