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Bill Hall On Pace To Break Records

Ed Wade has obviously had some questionable signings in the past.

There was the Shawn Chacon incident. There was the trade for Oscar Villareal (Wade also signed him to a 2.85 M extension and released him three months later). There was also the trade for Miguel Tejada. I could go on, but such a list is a tad too depressing.

So it should come to no surprise that the Wade has had little production to show for his most recent free agent class. Ryan Rowland-Smith was picked up by the Rangers after getting his release from the Astros. He's currently posting a 4.45 ERA in the minors, and sadly, I may take that over what we have in our bullpen right now.

Clint Barmes has been absolutely abysmal at the plate. Blame it on his wrist if you want, but a .184/.310/.616 line just isn't cutting it. Sure his defense may have saved a couple runs, but any resurgence of his 2009 form look doubtful at this point.

And then there's Bill Hall. Somehow, this man is still starting.

I have nothing personal against Bill Hall. I'm sure he's a nice guy. And it looks like he meshes well in the clubhouse.

But the guy couldn't hit off Fernando Abad. Or Nelson Figueroa. And that's saying something. Why he's still starting is beyond me. Bill Hall has struck out in 40 of his 111 at-bats. Yes, he has struck out more times than the amount of games he's played in.

To give some perspective, Hall is on pace to set the record for most strikeouts in a season. Mark Reynolds currently holds the belt at 223, but Hall is on pace to strike out nearly 240 times. Granted, he must get those at bats to strike out that many times.

So maybe he won't break it. But that would suggest benching him, and such a move is too rational for the Astros to make.

Bill Hall chose to come to Houston to have a chance to start. And it's becoming apparent why no other GM gave him a chance. But hey, Ed Wade believes in him. And Brandon Lyon.

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