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Wade Phillips Enjoys Snacks, But Doesn't Need a "Vending Machine"

With the NFL Lockout plodding along with no end in sight, there's plenty of time for Texans players and coaches to speak at various public events. When the opportunity to eat speak at a dinner came up, new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips put his name on the list faster than he can hammer through a plate of jalapeno poppers.'s Nick Scurfield discussed some of Wade's comments regarding the never-ending debate over Houston's nose tackle situation. Emcee of the dinner discussion was Texans play-by-play announcer Marc Vandermeer (who could use to throw down on some Cheetos himself) asked Wade to clarify why the Texans don't need a "vending machine" in the middle of the 3-4 defense. 

Wade went on to explain that he generally coaches to his players' strengths, rather than bringing in players that fit what he wants to do. Generally, I think that's quite a questionable practice, but Wade's resume speaks for itself. Clearly I myself have been glugging on the Battle Red Kool-Aid with last weeks article about Earl Mitchell's ability to be effective in Wade's 3-4, but I of course would still prefer a "vending machine."

Nick put together a list of the nose tackles Wade has coached, along with their weight:

Nose tackles under Wade Phillips
Jay Ratliff, Dallas Cowboys, 2007-10 (6-4, 293)*
Jamal Williams, San Diego Chargers, 2004-06 (6-3, 348)*
Ed Jasper, Atlanta Falcons, 2002-03 (6-2, 293)
Ted Washington, Buffalo Bills, 1995-2000 (6-5, 365)*
Greg Kragen, Denver Broncos, 1989-91 (6-3, 263)*
Tony Elliott, New Orleans Saints, 1985 (6-2, 282)
Derland Moore, Saints, 1982-84 (6-4, 250)
Jerry Boyarsky, Saints, 1981 (6-3, 290)
Monte Bennett, Saints, 1981 (6-3, 265)
Curley Culp, Houston Oilers, 1976-80 (6-2, 265)*
*Indicates Pro Bowler

Wade also busted out his swagger and said the Texans were going to turn the secondary into the "primary." So, there's that. I guess if Shaun Cody can be a 3-4 NT, Wade Phillips can be a comedian.

Here's the video of Wade's fancy dinner football talkin'.

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