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Get To Know Your Texans Rookies Before They Become Kind Of A Big Deal

Twitter is a great way to connect with professional athletes. Trouble is, once an athlete hits it big, his followers multiply to a number that makes it impossible for them to keep up with everyone who has something to say to them, as much as they may try.

If you want to interact with some Houston Texans via Twitter, the rookies and fringe players are always your best bet. Even guys who tweet all the time, like Eric Winston, can only respond to so many tweets when he has over 11,000 followers.

Here are the Texans' 2011 rookies who have Twitter accounts:

DE J.J. Watt@JJWatt - 20,369 followers (WOW - okay, it's probably too late to get in with our new DE)
LB Brooks Reed@BrooksReed42 - 1972 followers
CB Brandon Harris@HarrisNFLYZONE - 2735 followers
CB Rashad Carmichael, @BappNAinEZBino - 1503 followers
SS Shiloh Keo, @kaleo10 - 117 followers (he's not very active, and this is not a verified account)
QB T.J. Yates@TJ_Yates - 2187 followers
OT Derek Newton, no Twitter account that I can find
LB Cheta Ozougwu, @Cheta_Ozougwu - 289 followers

COME ON, Newton! We almost had a clean sweep!

Before James Casey became a huge deal and had a documentary film released about him this summer, I got in on his Twitter life early, and it has resulted in a couple of interviews and several email exchanges. Many other Texans are great about responding to fans, but the key is getting in early... unless it's your birthday or you live in Jersey, in which case Brian Cushing will ALWAYS hook you up.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.