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2011 French Open: MechaDjokovic Wreaks Havoc In Paris

The men’s side of the bracket can best be described as “business as usual.” Nadal and Federer are rolling along, Soderling continues his fine clay court form, and Djokovic has extended his 2011 winning streak to 41 matches. He may be seeded number two, but it’s clear Novak is the guy to beat. Should things continue on pace, things are set up for a tantalizing semi-final match between Roger Federer and MechaDjokovic. May god have mercy on Roland Garros.

Only Andy Murray finds himself in a bit of trouble, but considering he’s the male version of Wozniacki, no one should be surprised if (when) he bows out. Murray is in the midst of a storming come-back after falling behind two sets to zero against Serbian Davis Cup winner Viktor Troicki. With play suspended for the evening, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a resolution.

Looking for an outsider that might be able to sneak into the final? I like the cut of Gael Monfils jib. He’s shown flashes of talent over the last couple seasons, and as the last remaining Frenchman, the crowd is sure to get behind him. Lot of good tennis ahead as we move into the quarterfinals.

The women’s bracket presents an entirely different scene: one of chaos, devastation, and madness. The following names are out: Clijsters, Wozniacki (SHOCKING!), Zvonareva, and Stoser. And we haven’t even reached the quarters. Some might call things “wide open,” but I’ll be so bold as to call it “Sharapova’s to lose.” Maria’s quietly put together a solid tournament, and with her top rivals falling faster than 9.8 m/s (it’s possible!), she’s presented with a fantastic opportunity to prove her game is back on track.

Plenty of intriguing match-ups this week and it looks like we’re on course for an exciting finale in France!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.