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Rockets Rumors: Nene Likely To Opt Out Of Contract

The Rockets search for a center is a lot like Bart Simpson's search for a soul. They need a center. Any center. Your center!

Well, some good news came down the pipeline in that regard as it looks likely that Nuggets center Nene Hilario will opt out of his contract whenever he is actually allowed to do so.

"If I play happy, if I enjoy the game, my game improves," Nene said. "I did my best for the team, for the city. I tried to do my best for the fans. But the (Nuggets) need to understand you need to see the return on the other side, or you need to look for it. You need to look for it sometimes."

"They don't realize all of the sacrifices I made. When you don't feel appreciated, it's hard."

The Rockets will surely appreciate you, Nene. In fact, should the league rules allow it, I bet their offer to you as a free agent would be downright Hilario! (Hits myself for making that joke.)

Houston's search for centers is likely to begin with Grizzlies free agent center Marc Gasol, but since he is a restricted free agent, Nene might be the more attainable target. Besides, Houston should only employ centers that go by one name from now on. It's a sustainable tradition.

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