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The (Potentially) New CBA: How It Affects Free Agents & The Houston Texans

As the NFL continues to have its owner meetings in Chicago , new details have leaked out about the current collective bargaining agreement that has been worked on in secret. 

The biggest impact comes in free agency where it was revealed that pending approval on both sides A) franchise tags still exist and will be carried over if a team used them earlier this year B) four or more years of service means you’re an unrestricted free agent C) no tenders will apply.

How does this change your Houston Texans? Details below the jump.
First off, All-Pro running back Arian Foster is not affected by this as he has only been in the NFL two seasons. He’s still returning to Houston, new deal or not. 

Defensive end Mark Anderson, guard Mike Brisiel, tackle Rashad Butler, wide receiver Jacoby Jones, and quarterback Matt Leinart would all be unrestricted free agents. The Texans had extended tender offers to all of those players. In addition to those, linebacker/special teamer Kevin Bentley, punter Matt Turk, and fullback Vonta Leach were already set to be UFAs.

Players like defensive tackle Shaun Cody, tight end Owen Daniels, and running back Derrick Ward all signed contracts prior to the lockout and those are expected to not be impacted by this new collective bargaining agreement.

Considering that the front office also needs to sign players for the new 3-4 defense, most notably a starting cornerback and safety, having more unrestricted free agents to try and deal with can only muddle the Texans plans further. On the bright side, every other NFL team will also be dealing with the exact same scenario, so it's just a matter of the front office designing a plan for exactly what they want to do.

Also on the bright side is the fact that this potentially new CBA would make guys like cornerback Johnathan Joseph and safety Eric Weddle, along with a multitude of other great, young talent, unrestricted free agents - both of whom should be targets for the Texans.

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