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Myers, Wandy Would Bring Back Compensation

The Elias Rankings are this mysterious system, full of smoke and mirrors that somehow come up with a way to rate players and determine free agent compensation at the end of each season. Often, these rankings make no sense and may be written out of the next collective bargaining agreement entirely.

But, fortunately for us, there is some great mind out there who has reverse-engineered the system to predict where the free agent compensation would go. MLB Trade Rumors recently published the updated rankings and a couple Astro pitchers showed up as receiving compensation.

Brett Myers, of all people, showed up as a Type A free agent. His contract won't run out until after the season, but he would net the Astros two draft picks if it were. Wandy Rodriguez would be a Type B free agent if his contract were up. Unfortunately, the Astros didn't let that situation develop, as both Myers and Wandy were signed to long-term extensions.

In Myers' case, that was even more egregious. The original contract Myers signed with Houston was a one-year deal with a mutual option for 2011. I guess the Astros could have thought Myers may not have picked up his side of the option if they hadn't extended him. 

Still, Myers should be in line to get that Type A status, even if he is vastly more inconsistent this season than he was in 2010. Add in Type A status to his value and he'd most certainly net a good return on the trade market. Now? Not so much...

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