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Houston Texans Offseason: Shaub, Ryans Lead Mini-Camp

The lockout may still be in bloom, but that's not stopping the Texans players from going through their own mini-campthis week. More importantly, it gives the players a chance to install the new 3-4 defense that new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips brings with him.

To that end, it's been inside linebacker DeMeco Ryans who's been the biggest help in that area. We already knew Ryans was one of the leaders of the defense, but he seems to have stepped up and is teaching everyone what they need to know in the new system, including the currently unsigned rookies. Glover Quin has also taken it upon himself to coach up the secondary, since he was one of the few players who knew how to cover anyone last season.

None of the players were in pads, since the last thing they want to do is get hurt right now. But, it was good to see Ryans out and practicing, after he missed time last year with that ruptured Achillies. Oh, and it was also nice to read that Kareem Jackson knows how terrible he was last season. At least he's on the same page with every Texans fan.

I will second BRB's take on James Casey adding 10 pounds of muscle to play fullback in case Vonta Leach isn't resigned. I'd miss Leach quite a bit, but have a feeling Casey will be able to handle that dump-off pass in the flats that Shaub liked throwing to Vonta so much.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.