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Talking About The 2012 NBA Draft

Seasons change, leaves turn, and as soon as one draft is over, there are people who start focusing on the next one. So, you may still be thinking about the newest Rockets in Marcus Morris and Donatas Montiejunas, but the guys over at HoopsWorld break down the top of the 2012 draft class in this piece.


It's an unsurprising list, as Harrison Barnes and Jared Sullinger would have been at the top of this draft class had they chosen not to go back to school. Same with Perry Jones at Baylor. The interesting thing here is that one of the five players listed by HoopsWorld is a high schooler in Anthony Davis. With all the uncertainty swirling around the NBA labor front, players going to college may have to stay an additional year, which pushes back Davis' eligibility.


Same goes for future Baylor player Quincy Miller. The HoopsWorld article compares him to a young Kevin Durant, which is just ridiculous. I mean, it's not actually ridiculous. I just can't stand the thought of Baylor (of all places) having this many good players. Look at this mock draft from Draft Express...there are two Baylor players projected to go in the Top 5. Is the NCAA just asleep on this Scott Drew fellow? Can someone please investigate him already?


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