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NFL Lockout 2011 Update: Lawsuits all that are standing in the way of a deal

Well, they’re probably not all that’s standing in the way, but the lawsuits filed by players against the NFL aren’t just going away. None of the settlement options have been palatable enough to players yet, so they didn’t even take a vote on Wednesday to ratify the CBA.

Reports surfaced Wednesday that Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins are two players who are demanding some pretty substantial compensation for the franchise tag. Jackson wants $10 million as damages or be granted free agency immediately.

Jackson, to his credit, denied making any demands in a settlement, but it’s pretty assured that the players who filed lawsuits will be compensated in some way. The players who joined Reggie White in a lawsuit in 1993 were all guaranteed protection against ever being declared franchise players.

All the rhetoric coming out of the player’s camp is that even if a deal is voted upon today by both the players and the owners, the lockout won’t necessarily be lifted by this weekend. It’ll still take some time to sort everything out, but the season should be on soon. Possibly. Maybe. We hope.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.