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UH Student Professes Love For Soccer Star Morgan

Our brethren up in the California Bay Area have already covered this, but given the story's Houston tie, it's worth repeating. A University of Houston student named Russell was so impressed with Team USA forward Alex Morgan during the recent women's World Cup that he wrote her a song.


Okay, so he ripped off another song and changed the lyrics. But at the end of the day, Morgan was impressed enough that she re-tweeted the link to the video on youtube for her nearly 200,000 followers. No word yet on how Morgan's boyfriend (Seattle Sounders midfielder Servando Carrasco) feels about this development.


So congrats to a fellow Cougar on your moment in the sun. May I advise that you watch your back if you see any green-clad soccer players. Oh, and in the future, if you're going to profess your love via song, write your own stuff.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.