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Texans to make the biggest offer for Nnamdi?

Since NFL teams can start talking to free agents today, news is starting to leak out about the Houston Texans plans. The top player on the free agent market is probably Nnamdi Asomugha, so there will be a lot of teams bidding for him.

The Texans may come through with the highest bid overall, as ESPN’s Chris Mortensen tweeted about that very thing and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio said much the same thing on NFL Network this morning. Oh, and XM NFL Radio host Tim Ryan also said much the same thing on his drivetime show yesterday. It seems that the Texans are starting out in the pole position on this race.

However, Nnamdi is apparently not just looking at the money. He wants to go to a winner, which is why the Jets could make an attractive option. Apparently, New York is also going after the talented cornerback, which is scary to think he might be paired with Revis Island. Doesn’t sound like the Packers or Cowboys are going to be able to get under the cap enough to make a run at him, so the Jets may be the biggest competitor.

Of course, the Texans can also make the case they’re ready to win big, which means he might get the most money out there AND go to a winning team. That’s what I tell myself as I brace for him going somewhere else.

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