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Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson Is Seventh In NFL Top 100 List

Tonight, the NFL Network announced the top-10 in the Top 100 Players for 2011 list. Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson was number seven and the league's top wide receiver (the only one in the top-10).

Johnson, who was presented by Miami Dolphins LB Channing Crowder, Baltimore Ravens LB Terrell Suggs, and Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, was praised for his tendency to make the big play without running his mouth like other receivers. For those rare few wondering why Johnson made it so high, hit the jump with me.

Del Rio made note of how Johnson's game has improved since being drafted (he's a much more polished route runner and has better hands). Crowder told a story about how Johnson was still catching passes when Miami had triple covered him in a game while Suggs said he could do any and everything a receiver can and should do.

Many fans would agree with Suggs and that's what amazes me about Andre Johnson. The guy can run over Arizona Cardinal linebackers on his way to the end zone, toe tap his way in the back of the end zone with such grace and control, and outleap defenders in Washington - on a bad ankle no less. How many receivers in the NFL can do that? Exactly. That's why he's the unquestioned best in the league.

For some who like those statistical accolades, Andre's the first player to have 60+ catches in his first eight seasons, one of two guys to post consecutive seasons of 1,500+ receiving yards, and the only man not named Jerry Rice to lead the NFL in receiving yards in back-to-back seasons. Certainly, every Houston fan should appreciate the greatness we are watching and hope that the team gives him his long overdue chance to shine in January and February.

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