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Mike Lombardi Talks Nnamdi On The B.S. Report

Your mileage on this report may vary on how you view the sources (Bill Simmons and Mike Lombardi). I've been a big Lombardi fan for a while now, and was bummed when he left the National Football Post. But, he's continued to build on his league contacts and really knows his stuff. When Bill Simmons asked him about Nnamdi's free agency, Lombardi made some solid points about him, which may bum out Texans fans.


The point Lombardi makes is that Nnamdi already made his money with the Raiders. He didn't have a good experience there, because he lost so much. So, the theory is now he's looking for a winning team more than the money. That's bad news for the Texans, since other teams Lombardi talks about being interested in him are the Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl champs) and the Philadelphia Eagles (a playoff team).


Realistically, the Packers probably won't be able to make a play for him, and the Eagles may have trouble, too, depending on what the salary cap looks like. But, getting another look at what it might take to get Nnamdi here was also a good thing. Can Houston sell him on being the piece that takes Houston to respectability? As Rivers talked about the other day, how many wins would it take to win the AFC South? Can he make enough of a difference all on his own?


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