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ANIMATED: Jacoby Jones Muffs Punt Return, Leads To Ravens Touchdown

The Houston Texans had the Baltimore Ravens right where they wanted them. Danieal Manning's long kick return lead to early points for his squad, then the defense took the field and got a 3-and-out to give the offense the ball back as the Ravens would punt.

About that punt though. Yikes.

Punter returner Jacoby Jones looked to field Baltimore's punt amidst pressure by the Ravens gunners Cary Williams and Jimmy Smith. Jones muffed the punt, Williams restrained him from recovering the fumble and Smith recovered at the two-yard line. The Ravens would score on a Joe Flacco touchdown pass to 3rd-string tight end Kris Wilson just moments later.

For now, here's the gif that Texans fans will probably just like to forget about as soon as possible.

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