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Texans Vs. Ravens Halftime Update: Baltimore Leads 17-13 As Houston Scraps Back Into The Game

The Houston Texans survived an almost fatal first quarter as two costly turnovers helped the Baltimore Ravens to put up two touchdowns on the board and give the Ravens a 17-3.

However, the Texans showed the resolve that has helped them get as far as they have this season, as Houston head Gary Kubiak made some adjustments and empowered T.J. Yates to go out and execute. The result? Two time-consuming scoring drives taking up over ten minutes of time in the second quarter and putting up ten points to close the lead to 17-13.

Arian Foster's performance in the first half has been truly awe-inspiring. His 15 carries for 95 rushing yards has helped swing some momentum back on the Texans side, and his one-yard touchdown plunge made it a competitive game again in Baltimore. Foster also has 4 catches for another 29 receiving yards.

Here is video of Arian Foster's one-yard touchdown run late in the second quarter, as Baltimore will receive the ball in the second half. The Texans have given up two touchdown passes, but Joe Flacco is just 6-of-15 passing for 80 yards.

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