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2012 NFL Playoffs: Jacoby Jones Becomes The Goat For Houston Texans

There's scathing local criticism in the media, and then there's this lede from the Houston Chronicle:

Jacoby Jones will be the most chastised, cussed and criticized figure in Houston sports for the foreseeable future.

And, well, he deserves it.

Jones is public enemy number one to the Houston media after mishandling a punt in the first quarter that would lead to the Ravens' first score of the game. With the Texans leading 3-0 four minutes into the game, Jones attempted to field a bouncing punt near the Houston 10-yard-line. It skipped off his hands and Baltimore recovered just two yards shy of the end zone, where they'd soon score. Jones' logic (courtesy of CBS Sports):

"The way it bounced, I wasn't trying to get us pinned down there. I was really trying to hurry and grab it and get down but it hit off my facemask."

There were plenty of plays that combined to create Houston's loss on Sunday - rookie quarterback T.J. Yates threw three interceptions, for one - but in hindsight, Jones' opening proved the scoring difference. His recalcitrance afterwards probably didn't help matters, either:

Jones dressed slowly Sunday, attempting to lighten the mood by suggesting to reporters they might want to speak with rookie defensive end J.J. Watt instead because, in Jones’ words, he "hadn’t done (expletive)."

That’s only partly true. Oh, he did plenty. His gaffe – opting to field a punt that took several bounces in front of the fifth-year veteran at the Texans’ 13 and not being able to handle the football – is already part of franchise lore.

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