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Kyle Lowry Faces Misdemeanor Battery Charge In Las Vegas

While Houston Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry has earned national plaudits as a rising star for his strong start to the 2011-2012 season, his name is in the news wire for the wrong reason Friday, as he has been charged for misdemeanor battery for an incident in a Las Vegas pick-up game over the summer.

According to the police report, Lowry was reportedly upset at a 30-year old referee who was calling a pickup game between NBA players during the lockout.

After the game, he is alleged to have chunked a ball at her torso and another at her while she was sitting down while cursing at her for the calls she made.

Afterwards, Lowry reportedly apologized to the referee for letting his emotions get the best of him.

He is scheduled to make a court appearance on Feb. 2 in Las Vegas.

The Rockets have declined to comment on the incident.

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