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Texas A&M vs. La Tech 2012: Aggie fans catch their breath after wild win

In a game that was rescheduled from early September due to Hurricane Isaac, Texas A&M escaped Shreveport, La., with a wild 59-57 win over Louisiana Tech. Aggie fans are a bit bewildered by the result, but they are happy to have quarterback Johnny Manziel on their side.

As Ranger222 of SB Nation's A&M blog, Good Bull Hunting, points out, the Aggies received another incredible performance from their freshman quarterback, without which they more than likely would have fallen to the Bulldogs:

Yes, Johnny Manziel was simply amazing once again tonight. Something like 396 yards and three touchdowns. Another three on the ground marked by that long run in the closing minutes of the 4th quarter. Every single week Manziel puts on a record breaking performance and continues to amaze us. (Broke his own SEC record for total yardage tonight he set only two weeks ago. Take that Archie Manning)

The Aggies jumped out to an early lead and up 27-0 early in the second quarter, they appeared to have things in hand. But Tech closed to within 39-16 before halftime, and in the fourth quarter, A&M found itself in a tight game. The teams traded blows through out the final 15 minutes before the Bulldogs scored with 1:10 remaining in regulation. Tech's game-tying two-point attempt failed, and Aggie fans were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

WINNING ON THE FLOP -- That's how, and the only way, I can sum up this game. Both Louisiana Tech and Texas A&M were all-in on the two point conversion that gave the Aggies the win on the flop. Guys, this game was 27-0 in the second quarter with something like nine minutes to go. From that point on, Louisiana Tech kept playing and made this a ball game. We were at their mercy.

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