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Tyrann Mathieu, 2 other former LSU players released from jail

Three former LSU football players, including Tyrann Mathieu, were released from jail on Friday afternoon.

Jared Wickerham

Former LSU football players Tyrann Mathieu, Jordan Jefferson and Derrick Bryant were released from a Baton Rouge jail Friday, the former players were arrested on Thursday at Mathieu's apartment on marijuana charges; however, Karnell Hatcher still remains behind bars.

Mathieu and Jefferson each had a bond of just $500, while Hatcher's bond was at $3,500 and Bryant's was set for $9,000. Bryant also was charged with an intent to distribute marijuana.

Mathieu was recently removed from the LSU team prior to the 2012 season for failing multiple drug tests, and even went to rehab for his marijuana use.

Mathieu was expected to have a big season after he was a Heisman Trophy finalist last season. Even though he was suspended, there was a possibility that Mathieu could return to the team in 2013, assuming that he stayed out of trouble. Now, with this arrest, he has likely ran out of chances to return to the LSU program.

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