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Texans vs. Jets: Houston leads after 3 quarters, 23-14

After three quarters of action, the Houston Texans are in the lead against the New York Jets, 23-14. The third quarter saw Houston make a long touchdown drive of 52 yards on three running plays, but then give up a touchdown on the following kick return. The Jets then attempted an onside kick, but Houston was able to pick it up and drive for a field goal.

Foster is having a fine night, gaining 132 yards on 20 carries against the Jets defense. Matt Schaub has taken advantage of that, making heavy use of the play action pass on his way to 14-for-27 for 209 yards through three quarters. The Houston defense has been able to shut down the Jets' rushing offense, with Shonn Greene gaining less than 20 yards so far, and with Mark Sanchez hovering around a 50 percent completion rate.

Brian Cushing left the game with a leg injury and is questionable to return.

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