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NFL Injury Report: Texans stay healthy in Week 10

The Houston Texans took down the Chicago Bears on Sunday, 13-6, and also came out on the good side of the injury report. No big injuries were suffered during the game by Houston, despite a gritty and hard-fought game in the rain that saw very few points come out of a swampy field.

It was the Bears that ended up with the biggest injury story of the day, losing quarterback Jay Cutler after he was hit hard by Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins.

The biggest knocks for the Texans remain the injuries to nose tackle Shaun Cody and running back Ben Tate. Cody, who punctured a lung and injured a rib against the Buffalo Bills earlier in the year, missed the game and is still seen as day-to-day. Tate is still suffering from a hamstring injury suffered against the Baltimore Ravens. TE Owen Daniels missed the game because of a back injury and was the only member of the Texans who was listed as questionable before the game.

Houston will take on the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday as they look for a 9-1 record.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.