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Les Miles stumps for SEC champion to play for BCS title

If Les Miles had his way, the SEC champion would play for the BCS title every single year regardless of wins and losses.

Crystal Logiudice-US PRESSWIRE

The Alabama Crimson Tide were taken down by the Texas A&M Aggies over the weekend, stopping their bid for a perfect season and taking their National Championship chances down a notch.

LSU head coach Les Miles said on Monday that that shouldn't be the case. Instead, he says that the SEC champion, no matter how many wins they have, should be playing for the championship every year. His argument was that the strength of schedule inside the conference was the toughest in America, so the winner of the conference should always be considered one of the best:

"Everybody within this league plays a very difficult schedule," Miles said. "I think the champion of this league should very well have the opportunity to play in that national championship game until somebody proves that the winner of this league is not the nation's best team."

Les Miles' team will probably not be that champion this season, barring a big upset that would involve the Tigers winning out and the Crimson Tide losing to Auburn over the weekend.

It's going to be a moot point come 2014, when college football moves to a four-team playoff system to determine who makes the national title game. It will almost certainly include the winner of the SEC every season in that playoff.

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