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Johnny Manziel: 'Johnny Football' nickname now trademarked

Worried that the freshman phenom won't be able to profit off his popular moniker? Worry no more! The Aggies and Manziel's family are looking to keep the nickname under wraps.

Ronald Martinez

Texas A&M Aggies' quarterback Johnny Manziel will have the "Johnny Football" nickname trademarked, as the signal-caller is exploding in popularity after stunning the Alabama Crimson Tide this past weekend.

Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle writes that Manziel's family and Texas A&M are collaborating to trademark "Johnny Football" for the quarterback's exclusive use. The situation is similar to that of NBA point guard Jeremy Lin, who trademarked the phrase "Linsanity" when he rose to prominence with the New York Knicks.

If recent sales are any indication, there's a boatload for Manziel and his family to make. Zwerneman reports huge sales of the quarterback's jersey and T-shirt at the Barnes & Noble location on the College Station campus. Zwerneman also notes that Texas A&M has issued several cease-and-desist orders to apparel companies trying to cash in on Manziel's success.

Due to NCAA regulations, Manziel can't profit off the nickname until after he leaves school and his eligibility expires. The redshirt freshman will simply have to hope that the fans will reserve some dollars until after he leaves the Aggies.

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