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Texans vs. Lions 2012: Fans have 'no idea' how Houston pulled out a win

For the second straight week, the Houston Texans pulled off an overtime win, but this time even Houston fans aren't sure how they did it.

Gregory Shamus

Thursday's game between the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions had a little bit of everything. There were some exciting plays, some curious calls and several heart pounding moments. The Texans won to improve to 10-1, but afterward some Houston fans weren't quite sure how they did it.

The fans at SB Nation's Texans blog, Battle Red Blog, were excited for the win, even if they still don't believe it happened.

I have no idea how the Texans won this game. I really don't. I count at least three times in overtime where I was certain that the Texans were up a certain creek without a certain instrument.

It wasn't the prettiest win and as they pointed out on Battle Red Blog, the Texans may not be able to get away with a similar performance against a playoff team, but they still got the job done. While injuries and a couple of mistakes hampered the Texans, effort wasn't a question. The effort was even more impressive when you consider they were playing on a short week.

They fought hard, REALLY hard especially considering they've played almost two and a half games of football in four days. I'm proud of these guys; incredibly proud of them.

A Houston win on Thanksgiving gave Texan fans plenty to cheer about. There was also plenty to be thankful for as Battle Red Blog pointed out.

But enough criticism, this is a happy day, a day full of food, of friends, and a Texans win. Let us share our thanks for these things, Andre Johnson, J.J. Watt, and all sorts of other things.

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