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Alabama vs. LSU 2012: LSU fans react to crushing loss

The LSU Tigers are still one of the top teams in the country. They are still ranked in the top 10 and they will still have a more-than-respectable season.

But it could have been so much more.

Our LSU blog, And The Valley Shook, knows this and, to the surprise of no one, was not happy following the Tigers' 21-17 loss to Alabama last night.

I have no computer and my cellphone is dead. I'm also pretty darn hungover. So sorry about no post game thread but it would have been largely incoherent. The morning after and I still have no words.

Not quite encouraging words from a disappointed fan. To make matters worse, it was a winable game for the Tigers. LSU scored the go-ahead touchdown with 12:58 to play to make it 17-14, and that score held up until the final seconds. With less than a minute to go, T.J. Yeldon caught a 28-yard touchdown pass for Alabama that proved to be the game winner. The Crimson Tide hung on, 21-17.

LSU should have won but grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. This loss is actually more disappointing than the BCS game. Because this was a game that LSU largely controlled but came away with a loss because of its inability to stop a two-minute drill. Twice.

From here, the Tigers cannot afford to let this loss get into their heads. With three games left, including one against Mississippi State this weekend, there is still plenty to play for in the SEC.

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