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Colts vs. Texans, Week 15: Houston wins AFC South

For the second straight season the Texans win the AFC South.

Bob Levey

The Indianapolis Colts were once the bane of the Houston Texans' existence, so clinching their second straight AFC South title over the team that has long given Houston fits was especially sweet on Sunday. The Texans clinched the division in Sunday's 29-17 win, but it could be just round one of a three-round battle with Indianapolis.

Houston still must go to Indianapolis in two weeks with the Colts possibly needing a win to clinch their own playoff berth. A meeting in January is also possible, but Sunday assured that any possible meeting would occur at home in Reliant Stadium:

Your Texans, for all their problems (most of which can be traced to Joe Marciano's existence) held Tim's false idol, Andrew Luck, to 13-27 for 186 and 2TD. Ignoring the 61-yard TD, on which the Texans' secondary went full Frank Bush, Luck was 12-26 for 125 and a score.

The Texans are also in the driver's seat for home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. Houston can do no worse than the No. 3 seed now, with Denver and New England also battling for byes. Houston has a one game lead over Denver and two over New England. Houston holds the tiebreaker over Denver, however because of their win over the Broncos earlier in the season, so a win over Minnesota clinches home field advantage.

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