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Meinecke Car Care Bowl of Texas: Minnesota vs. Texas Tech

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Texas Tech and Minnesota have played a memorable bowl game before.

Erich Schlegel

Minnesota and Texas Tech will face off against each other in a rematch of one of the most remarkable bowl games ever. The last time that the Golden Gophers and Red Raiders played was the 2006 Insight Bowl, where Texas Tech trailed 38-7 halfway through the third quarter but came storming back for a 44-41 win in overtime.

The comeback was the biggest comeback in the history of any bowl game and cost Minnesota coach Glen Mason his job, as he was fired following the game:

The last time Texas Tech played Minnesota, it was one of the best comebacks in the history of ever and Minnesota eventually fired their coach, Glen Mason, after the game. That was one of the first relatively busy game threads on DTN/VTM and I think we had 150 or so comments. Pretty awesome. Plus I get to post pictures of Jerry Kill for a month.

Minnesota is in the postseason for the first time since 2009, when they lost the Insight Bowl 14-13 to Iowa State. The Gophers followed that season by two straight 3-9 seasons before finishing 6-6 this year. Minnesota started the season 4-0 but was only 2-6 in Big Ten play, beating Purdue and last place Illinois. It is still a step forward for the program:

The Gophers got to 6 wins, and deserve to go to a bowl, so I am definitely not arguing that they shouldn't go to a bowl game or anything of the sort. But the reality is that the Gophers beat 4 bad football teams, an FCS team, and a team that just won a share of the Big East Championship, not because they are good, but because ERMAGERDTHE BIG EAST IS AWFUL, to get to those 6 wins.

Minnesota lost its final three of its last four games of the season to Michigan, Nebraska, and Michigan State, beating only Illinois 17-3 in that time.

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