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NBA MVP 2012 Power Rankings: Houston Prepares To Face Two MVP Candidates Vs. Oklahoma City

The Houston Rockets dropped their final two games on their six-game road trip and must recover as they prepare for a six-game homestand that begins with the best team in the Western Conference as the Oklahoma City Thunder come to H-Town on Wednesday night.

In Tom Ziller's updated NBA MVP Rankings, he has ranked Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in his top ten. While Kevin Durant's rank at No. 2 is par for the course these days, seeing Westbrook emerge at the No. 10 spot speaks volumes to the level that the point guard is performing. Westbrook will be matched up with another rising point guard in Kyle Lowry, as the two will square off to see who can fill up the box score the most.

Houston has started making considerations to move shooting guard Kevin Martin to other teams, but if Martin can breakout of his shooting doldrums than the Rockets have a chance to stay afloat in the highly competitive conference.

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