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2012 NBA All-Star Weekend: Current And Former Rockets On Team Texas For Shooting Stars Competition

One of the many events of the NBA's All-Star Weekend is the Haier Shooting Stars competition, in which three-member teams composed of current players from both the NBA and the WNBA as well as former players face off against each other in a shooting competition. The All-Star game is being played in Orlando this season and Orlando has their own team, but Texas has a team competing in the Shooting Stars tournament as well along with Atlanta and New York.

Team Texas is represented by a current and a former Rockets player. The current player is rookie forward Chandler Parsons, who has worked his way into the starting lineup for the Rockets and 7.1 points per game. He's from the Orlando area. The former Rockets player is TNT analyst Kenny Smith, who won two NBA Championships with the team in 1994 and in 1995. The third player on the team is Sophia Young of the WNBA's San Antonio Silver Stars. She's a four-time WNBA All Star and she 13.2 points in the 2011 season.

The competition works as follows:

There are six numbered shooting locations of increasing difficulty, with each team attempting to make all shots in numeric order in the fastest time. Each team will select a specific player rotation to follow throughout the competition. Each shot must be made before the next player begins shooting in succession. Teams have up to two minutes to complete the entire shooting course and the team that completes all six shots in the least amount of time is declared the winner. In the case of a tie, a shoot-off will be used to determine the winner.

If team Texas wins, they'll be the third Texas-based team to do so in the history of the competition (Houston won in 2006 and Dallas won in 2010).

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